Ruben's Rabbits

Silver Fox Rabbits


Raising Silver Fox Rabbits For: 

Show, Breeding, Pets, Meat, Fur, and Preservation of the Breed. 


We started our rabbitry in March of 2011 with some very prestigious stock, eight rabbits in all. 

 These are just two of the award winning rabbits we started with.  Buck on the left, doe on the right. 

We picked the Silver Fox Rabbit because of it's mild temperament and beautiful fur.  Also because they are a rare heritage breed of rabbit that you can't find too easily and we want to help change that.  To learn more check out the Livestock Breed Conservancy List at     

The Silver Fox Rabbit was upgraded early in 2012 from Critical to Threatened 

Our first litter with blue kits arrived in September 2011